Beauty Is Your Business is a beauty + tech podcast.

BIYB Beauty Business Podcast - Beauty Is Your BusinessThe informative and fun weekly show is produced by MouthMedia Network and is hosted by a team of industry leaders and relevant business experts including Karen Moon (CEO/Co-Founder of Trendalytics), April Franzino (Beauty Director for Redbook, Good Housekeeping, Woman’s Day), and Abby Wallach (Co-Founder of Scent Invent) Other hosts have includes Julie Fredrickson (CEO/Co-Founder of Stowaway Cosmetics), Regina Gwynn (CEO/Co-Founder of TressNoire), Stephanie Betzler, along with revolving guest hosts who have included Kelly Kovack (Beauty Matter), Stephanie Flor (Around the World Beauty), industry expert Barbara Zinn Moore, Rob Sanchez (CEO of MouthMedia Network), Sam Shah (CEO/Founder of SWHEY), Marc Raco (CCO of MouthMedia Network),  Alesia Lanzo (Director of Global marketing for L’Oreal), Lisa-Marie Ringus (24 Seven Talent) ,and more.

BIYB Beauty Business PodcastLighthearted and boisterous, Beauty Is Your Business (“BIYB”) features discussions inspired by recent news, useful in-depth interviews with industry notables, and commentary about virtually anything in between, making insights into business and technology within the beauty industry entertaining, meaningful and accessible.