023 – Nancy Behrman of Behrman Communications – Moving the Needle for Brands

Publicity for beauty and lifestyle brands…

Nancy Behrman, Founder of Behrman Communications (beauty and lifestyle brand publicist), joins Julie Fredrickson , Regina Gwynn, and Stephanie Betzler at the MouthMedia Network Studios powered by Sennheiser.

A keen eye, making the hits, and education

Behrman discusses touching brands no one would dream of touching. How after 20 years she has a keen eye, is not afraid to take risks, and not afraid to say no. Category definers, hits like Burt’s Bees, Botox, Equinox, SoulCycle, GlamSquad, and Stowaway. Education is key, the way clients tell stories has evolved, and why Clarisonic is the source of greatest pride.

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022 – Rochelle Rae of Rae Cosmetics – Get Sweaty, Get Pretty

Sweat-resistant, mineral-based makeup for active women…

Rochelle Rae, Owner of Rae Cosmetics (water resistant mineral cosmetics designed to provide long lasting coverage even when a user sweats – (profile)), joins Julie Fredrickson , Regina Gwynn, and Stephanie Betzler at the MouthMedia Network Studios powered by Sennheiser. This episode is brought to you by Fashion Mingle, a powerful networking platform for fashion industry professionals and professionals in related fields.

Sweaty girls, selfies and fitness, and sunscreen

Rae covers how Rae Cosmetics is for sweaty girls who want it all, being beautiful while sweating. How the makeup stays on when you sweat, “never let them see you sweat” vs. “we’ll handle that sweat”, how this came from personal experiences, how the influence of selfies has changes people’s relationship with makeup, fitness is a new social club, looking pretty when you a sweat, and how women are living sweaty lives. How the core is tinted moisturizer, foundation, and sunscreen.

The market, all-in-one products, and evolving expectations

Climate control, the market of brides and bridesmaids and athletes, the many different definitions of beauty, and value of finer (six-time milled) powder that stays on face better. Considering that athleisure is taking off and beauty fragmentation happening, evolving expectations for super high functional products, seeing evolution taking place through the brand, all-in-one products, reducing makeup regimens for time savings, quickly and together, and the dream of sweat proof hair.

Regional variances, R and D, and trained rabbits

The impact of geography (i.e. Texas, hot and humid, Southern states, and northwest areas), the makeup of Dallas and Dynasty, glam for no reason, how geography and different regional cultures have influenced R and D process, and spanning the assortment. Dealing with change in SKUs and resulting customer reaction, wakeboarding, Evan the trained rabbit, Star Trek and the tribbles, Hurricane Harvey relief fundraiser in Houston, and people coming together as the American way.


021 – Rahama Wright of Shea Yeleen – The Impact of Shea

Shea butter sourcing, products and social impact…

Rahama Wright, social entrepreneur and Founder of Shea Yeleen, a social impact company providing shea butter products that supports women-owned cooperatives in West Africa, and provides training on quality assurance and micro-enterprise development – (profile)) joins Regina Gwynn , Stephanie Betzler and guest host Marc Raco (host of “Fashion Is Your Business”) at the MouthMedia Network studios, powered by Sennheiser.

From Peace Corps to Shea, Ghana, and the problem with stripping shea

Wright discusses her role as a social entrepreneur after serving in Peace Corps, focus on social impact, producing a high quality natural organic shea butter product using ethically sourced ingredients from West Africa, specifically Northern Ghana. How Shea Yaleen has made impact on larger companies on how to source, that 90% of shea entering the global marketplace is actually not coming from Africa, with seeds sourced and shipped to Europe and Asia, stripping the shea with chemicals. How Shea Yaleen sourcing directly from women in local villages.

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020 – Charlotte Cho of SoKo Glam – Caring About Skin

Korean Beauty site with Korean product…

Charlotte Cho, licensed aesthetician and cofounder of SoKo Glam (online destination that brings the best of Korean makeup and skin care, K-beauty trends, products, and innovations to a global audience – (bio)) joins Regina Gwynn , Stephanie Betzler and guest host Marc Raco (host of “Fashion Is Your Business”) at the MouthMedia Network studios.

Picky with beauty, a hypercompetitive market, and oil cleansers

Cho discusses how she personally tests and select products, 5 years of business growth and 25 employees along with husband David Cho, teaching people how to take care of their skin, being original mistaken for Kardashian Beauty, how Korean women are very picky with beauty, a hypercompetitive market with consumers comparing ingredients and talking to friends, how brand names don’t matter on South Korea, the very savvy consumer base, the brands’ need to constantly wow the consumer leading to a continuing cycle of innovation, and how consumers have the power vs. a US market resting on laurels, and loving oil cleansers that are misunderstood in the US.

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019 – Sindhura Sarikonda of Jet.com – The Beauty of Prestige

Luxury beauty ecommerce with Jet.com…

Photo credit: Albert Cheung Photography

Sindhura Sarikonda, Associate Director of Prestige Beauty at Jet.com & Walmart.com (bio), joins Julie Fredrickson , Regina Gwynn, Stephanie Betzler and guest host (and editor for WWD) Allison Collins for a live audience interview on location at La Marina Restaurant Bar and Beach Lounge in New York Cit. Sponsored by Stylitics, Musefind and Instasleep.

Fast growth, the need for a point of view, and the value proposition for brand partners

Photo credit: Albert Cheung Photography

Sarikonda reviews her background in ecommerce and consulting, how Jet.com is getting brands on the Prestige Beauty category, how luxury brands want to know they are in good hands, the importance of understanding adjacencies, how pricing is important to brand equity and prices next to brands are priced right for that brand equity, and the reach Jet has with 8 million customers and as the fastest growing ecommerce space. How luxury beauty at Jet.com has partnered with 68 luxury brands in just 3 months, how 50% of beauty sales are in luxury in the industry and 40% of beauty customers have shopped luxury beauty. The need for a POV at jet.com, what beauty at Jet means, and creating a specialty experience for any customer with a different experience for different shopping focuses — making the customer feels different while shopping different areas of jet while always knowing they are on Jet. What shopping cart behavior looks like, and how most shopping carts include a luxury beauty product.

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018 – Erika Shumate of Pinrose – Quirky Elegance, Spiky Cloud

Fragrances using synesthesia for personalized scent style with Pinrose…

Erika Shumate, Co-founder of Pinrose (a luxury fragrance brand based in San Francisco with the vision to make high quality fragrance a playful, effortless, everyday experience for the modern millennial – (bio)) joins Julie Fredrickson, Regina Gwynn and Stephanie Betzler at the MouthMedia Network studios.

Fun and experimentation, Petals, and moods and emotions

Shumate discusses three-year-old Pinrose’s 14 fragrances, the goal to bring high end fragrance and strip away the idea that a woman has to have a signature scents, and to allow her to have fun and experiment. Why getting out of the box is part of the Pinrose story, and discovering Petals — the little fragrance wipes, perfect amount. How the approach gives customers more control, and why you try a fragrance on the back of your hand. How investors often don’t understand the way women use cosmetics, how Pinrose put the fragrance line together, celebrating each women’s moods and personas (i.e. Wild Child, Pillow Talk Poet), promoting moods and emotions for clients, and seeing people responding to colorful nature of the line.

Making a woman the star, describing scent, and vanilla

Making the woman the star of her own show. How to describe scent. Plus, gluten free donuts for Snack Time, and when pumpkin and Snickerdoodles got married. The challenge of describing scents, and the need for a vocabulary for smell. Trying to say scent is one thing is not constructive, and why it is better to say why you are smelling it in the description, for emotional resonance. Spiky vs. round, the need for a more soft and feminine citrus, mixing fragrances, and why vanilla is such a pleasing scent.

Synesthesia, a quiz produces data, and the “mom smell”

Synesthesia and its importance to fragrance brands, partnering with Sephora and transitioning to working with wholesalers and working with retail spaces. A quiz to collect data, why Pinrose started online, and how the customer and engaged community are helping shape the brand. A child’s question leads to a life path and building a company, helping friends shop for fragrances, an accessible industry, and the “mom smell”, and the sounds and varnish of a grade school gymnasium.

017 – Celebrity Makeup Artist and Global Beauty Culture Lover Stephanie Flor – The Common Thread of Beauty

Celebrity makeup artistry and global beauty secrets

Stephanie Flor, celebrity makeup artist to stars like Mariah Carey, Kathy Griffin, and Sting and founder of aroundtheworldbeauty.com (a beauty tour company to travel world and unlock the world’s best-kept beauty secrets, one destination at a time – (bio)), joins Julie Fredrickson , Regina Gwynn and Stephanie Betzler at the MouthMedia Network studios.

Beauty origins, balance, and beyond the face

Flor discusses consideration of the last five sources of beauty, the origins of beauty, her show on Latina.com “Sacred Beauty” about keeping beauty rituals alive, her balance between photo shoots and tours, and the need to take a moment to understand how beautiful it is to see beauty beyond what you put on your face.

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016 – Amanda Baldwin of Supergoop! – Putting the Fun in Sun

Amanda Baldwin of Supergoop!

Sunscreen lotion, makeup setting spray, and mousse with Supergoop!…

Amanda Baldwin of Supergoop! Amanda Baldwin, President at Supergoop! (a prestige skincare brand 100% dedicated to suncare, making it easy to incorporate UV protection into the daily routine – (bio)), joins Julie Fredrickson , Regina Gwynn and Stephanie Betzler at the MouthMedia Network studios.

The mission against skin cancer, evolving consumer behavior, and the challenge of SPF

Amanda Baldwin of Supergoop! Baldwin shares Supergoop’s mission to reduce skin cancer, why 84 % of women don’t use daily SPF, how Supergoop! adds SPF with cleanest ingredients, how skin cancer is the most common cancer (1 in 5 Americans), how the company was founded by a teacher and mom so a lot of Supergoop’s products and activities are focused on kids. The spray version, how evolving consumer behavior is not easy, and approaching products fun and feel good and innovative. How the original product was put into school classroom, SPF as a challenging category because of being regulated by the FDA, expensive testing, and how that factors into product development.

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015 – Olivia Jezler of The Future of Smell – The Final Frontier of Experience

Sensory and fragrance innovation for brands…

Olivia Jezler, a sensory innovator with global experience working with fragrance in business, technology, academia, and with industry leaders including Dior, Victoria’s Secret, Johnsons & Johnsons, as well as Harvard University, the Weizmann Institute of Science and the World Economic Forum – (bio), joins Julie Fredrickson , Regina Gwynn, and Stephanie Betzler at the MouthMedia Network studios.

Smelling happiness, experiencing a brand before experiencing that brand, and wearables meet scents

Jezler shares how everything has a designed scent, words that goes with scents, associating shapes and textures with smells, how that affects product choices and perception of experience, clean, comfortable and beautiful in an invisible way, her path to getting into olfactory strategy, how does one curate the smell for a brand, how Jezler found her way into International Flavors and Fragrances working with Christophe Laudamiel. The first step in developing a sensory experience for brands for World Economic Forum in 2008, with 8 different rooms, and creating varying global experiences involving smell. Smelling happiness, associating shapes with smell, and how by understanding these and using different senses brands can avoid cognitive dissonance — but if they work together can enhance an experience. Operating at a deep instinctual experience. Experiencing a brand before experiencing a brand. Examples of uses of scent for a brand experience including Equinox and British Airways, how fragrance helps us interact more productively. Wearables associating with a calendar, emitting scents that can motivate us, one that can help us sleep better, alarm clocks waking with smell, and how this is all a fairly untapped market.

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BONUS – Eli Ostreicher – Part 1 – Rags to Riches, Narrow and Deep

Entrepreneurialism and making a difference…

Producer’s note: Recently, our team sat down for an interview that was so intriguing and informative that we knew it could be useful for entrepreneurs in any industry. So, we decided this audience should hear it too.

Eli Ostreicher, serial entrepreneur, motivational speaker and Founder/CEO to eleven travel and luxury companies (2x INC 500 #1 in Travel) including Regal WingsRegal JetsRegal CardRegal SolutionsGeeFiOne Bag TagGTTFP, Regal Engraving (bio) joins “Travel Is Your Business” hosts Pavan Bahl, John Matson and Marc Raco for Part 1 of a raw and candid interview — along with some sushi – about travel, entrepreneurialism, being successful “in spite of”, and “saying no to political correctness” at the MouthMedia Network studios.

A rags to riches journey to success at 33, One Bag Tag and Regal Engraving, and an uncle rescued

Ostreicher brings sushi, reveals why he went into the travel industry, his rags to riches journey that came from a lot of pain, being successful in against all odds, how focusing in one industry led to success and being narrow and deep, why Monday is the best day, and heading in direction of luxury instead of travel. The revolutionary idea of the One Bag Tag to eliminate all paper luggage tags. LVMH as a client, Regal Engraving as the newest company and the plan for 55 luxury engraving kiosks with master engravers in malls worldwide, largely by referral by other retailers, two years of talks with Visa, targeting the 1%, the Regal Collection of companies, Regal Wings (first company) and Regal Jets, and the rescue of his uncle Jacob Ostreicher.

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